Color-Chan is simple to use color role bot with 16,777,216 different color possibilities, while also being highly customizable to fit every server type and size.

How does it work?

Use /set color to change your color!

Color reaction example

You can use /add color commands to add colors to your list. Click here or here for more info on the color codes.

Color reaction example

Use /color list to see all the colors that are in your server.

Color reaction example

You can also create color reaction lists. This means that members of your server can get colors by placing a reaction. You can create one with /add reaction colors.

Color reaction example
Command Category Info
/help Basic List of all commands.
/setup Basic Shows step by step how to set me up.
/color list Basic Lists you all the available colors.
/set color Basic Adds a color to your account.
/set random color Basic Adds a random color from the list to your account.
/add random color Basic Creates a random color role.
/add rgb color Basic Creates a new color role.
/add hex color Basic Creates a new color role.
/suggest color Basic Suggests a new color role.
/toggle join color Basic Give people a color role when they join the server.
/color info Basic Shows info about a color.
/remove color Basic Removes your current color.
/delete color Basic Deletes a color role.
/add reaction color Color reactions Adds a color role to a message as a reaction.
/add reaction colors Color reactions Adds all of the color roles to a message as reactions.
/reaction lists Color reactions Returns a list of all the current reaction lists.
/delete reaction list Color reactions Deletes a specific reaction list.
/toggle reaction messages Color reactions Toggles the messages when reacting to a color reaction list on or off.
/clear reaction lists Color reactions Clears all the current reaction lists. Note: This is irreversible!
/add existing color Advance Re-add a color if it disappeared from the list.
/clear color list Advance This command deletes all color roles. This can not be reverted!
/export color list Advance Returns the export id of this server.
/import color list Advance Imports the color list from a server.
/channel set Settings Sets the channel where you want to use the bot.
/channel remove Settings Removes the current channel so you can use the bot everywhere.
/patreon connect Settings Links your patreon subscription to a server.
/patreon disconnect Settings Disconnects your patreon subscription to a server.
/patreon info Settings Shows all your current patreon servers.
/management role Settings Set a role that is allowed to use add/delete commands.
/management remove Settings Remove a management role.
/management roles Settings Shows the current list of color management roles.
/toggle overlap warning Settings Turns on/off the color overlap warning for the color list command.
/donate Misc Sends a link where you can send donations.
/invite Misc Get a invite link.
/vote Misc Get a vote link.
/botInfo Misc Get info about the bot.